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Cream Of The Crop produces artisan Gelatos and Sorbets from the ripest surplus produce available. Fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients acquired directly from Irish farmers, producers, and suppliers. Chef Giselle's zero waste recipe options include 100% Plant Based Vegan Gelato, dairy free Sorbet, and traditional milk based Italian style Gelato. Zero Waste & More Taste!

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Cream Of The Crop Gelato - Artisan Gelatos from Dublin Ireland
Cream Of The Crop Gelato - Free Dublin Deliveries, Nationwide Starting Soon

Free Dublin Deliveries!

We are offering free Dublin deliveries every weekend! Order by 10pm Thursday and expect delivery the following Saturday or Sunday! We know it's no fun waiting around so we will notify you with your estimated time slot. Your order will be frozen so it's important that someone is there to receive your tasty crop! Nationwide delivery starts soon!

Mixed Crop Box

Choose 4 or more 300ml Jars of delicious Milk based Gelatos, scrumptious Sorbets, and Vegan Plant Based Gelatos! Select from 11 flavours plus Giselle's Harvests Of The Week - Zero Waste & More Taste!

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Cream Of The Crop Mixed 300ML Jars Crop Box

10% Off! Strawberry Crop Box

To celebrate the end of Summer and the abundance of our Strawberry harvest this year,  we are offering a lovely little Strawberry Crop Box at 10% off - Mix and match or fill it with your favourite flavour! Berry Nice!

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Cream Of The Crop Gelato - Strawberry Crop Box
Cream Of The Crop Gelato - Vegan Corn & Corn Flake Gelato

What's New?

Each week we go directly to the supplier to collect the very best and most flavourful surplus ingredients available. By doing this we are supporting local producers, and most importantly we are able to acquire the fruit (and sometimes vegetables) at its very peak of ripeness! Even if slightly bruised, ripe fruit means the very best flavour and natural sweetness!

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