Zero Waste, More Taste

Delicious and sustainable products in your store.

We are a Dublin based company specialized in Artisan Gelatos operating with a zero waste, more taste ethos. We are battling food waste by using surplus ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforming them into delicious Gelato and Sorbets without the use of artificial flavours, colours or additives. 

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Why Cream of the Crop is different and perfect for your business?


Zero Waste, More Taste

Our company was born from the idea of saving “wonky food”, perfectly edible food that would normally be thrown out as it is not aesthetically pleasing, and produce a delicious product ready for sale at the supermarket.

Our entire range of products is produced using 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial colours and flavours.


Surplus Food

We collect very healthy surplus food ingredients from Irish Farmers, suppliers, and producers for the production of highly nutritious and delicious Gelatos and Sorbets. Without the use of artificial flavours, colours, or additives, we avoid food wastage and maximize in a way that explains Zero waste, More Taste.

Suits all type of business

Every time is time for a gelato! This is the right product for you store, shop, restaurant, cafe, take away or hotel. Your customers will have a high quality and sustainable product with an incredible taste.

Different types of products

Gelato, Sorbet, Plant Based, Dairy Free, Vegan... we have the perfect kind of products for every kind of customers!
And we have seasonal flavours. Our delicious flavours vary each week depending on what produce is in surplus


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